Monday, 31 October 2011

Hack Any Windows User Passwords (Boot Method)

The requirements for using this method are:-
1.Blank CD/floppy disk.
2.Access to Internet.
3.Cd or floppy writer
These requirements can be easily fulfilled by spending 15 minutes in cybercafe or at friends computer
Now here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots on how to hack administrator password in windows 7,vista or xp.
1.Download this small utility.
2.You will get an zipped file with ISO image in it.Extract his image using winrar or inbuilt windows software.
3.Put your blank cd in CD-ROM and burn this using Nero or any other image burner software.this is most important step and make sure you burn the ISO image properly.
4.Now put this CD in the system whose password is to be reset.
5.Restart your system and when prompted press enter to boot from the CD.
offlinentpassword05upd Hack Administrator Password In Windows 7,Xp And Vista
Note:If you do not get prompt of boot from CD.Then restart you system and press f2 or f6 or f8 or Esc key(anyone of them should work for your system) before the booting of the windows start.Now you will enter into bios and you should change the boot order from here with the first preference as CD-ROM.And again restart your system
6.Now the software will load automatically.It will ask you to select the windows drive and after that provide you with the option of resetting password.
If you have any queries or suggestion do not hesitate to ask.

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