Sunday, 30 October 2011

Siri Port on iPhone 4 Complete

It was just a matter of time when @stroughtonsmith succeeded in porting Siri to iPhone 4 and @jackoplane took it to the iPad. The only problem they were facing was that Apple’s servers won’t allow any non-iPhone 4S device to query Siri commands. @stroughtonsmith told us that it was quite possible to spoof any of the Apple devices as an iPhone 4S and trick Apple servers. The good news is that he has just done it with the help of @chpwn – our very own well known iOS hacker. Siri on iPhone 4 is talking to Apple’s servers now:

Have Siri connecting to Apple’s servers on iPhone 4 after a hack session with @chpwn! http://t.co/QruJIZux
10/30/11 6:24 AM

..and here’s is a screenshot of Siri from @stroughtonsmith’s iPhone 4, don’t question reliability, we trust both of them with closed eyes and so should you:

Siri working perfectly on iPhone 4

Siri working perfectly on iPhone 4

Now that they have it, all we await is an untethered jailbreak which has already been teased by @musclenerd. You can however jailbreak your iOS device tethered using redsn0w or sn0wbreeze.

There’s no promised release date of Siri for non-iPhone 4S devices but we hope that it won’t take much time. Just make sure that you are getting the updates via SMS, email, RSS, twitter or facebook and you won’t miss it.

Update #1: They have it working on an iPod touch too, and yes this one is also taking to Apple’s servers without problem:

And we now have it working on @chpwn‘s iPod touch :-)
10/30/11 7:09 AM

Update #2: Here you go! We have a video of Siri working on a 4th generation iPod Touch:

Source: Jailbreak Story

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