Monday, 12 December 2011

Redsn0w will be able save iOS5 SHSH Blobs!!

Update: straight from the next version of Redsn0w jailbreak tool will be able to use iOS 5 SHSH blobs. Full Step-by-step guide available here soon.
From the MuscleNerd, iPhone hacker and member of iPhone Dev Team in the form of multiple updates sent out from his Twitter account in which he talks about an upcoming version of Redsn0w which will be able to use iOS 5 SHSH blobs.
Actually, SHSH blobs (Signature HaSH blobs) were developed by Apple itself to prevent iOS device users from downgrading to older version of iOS. These blobs hold information about which version of iOS users can restore to and which they can’t. Once Apple stops signing a firmware, it then becomes impossible to restore to it (downgrade) unless, of cource, you already saved the SHSH blobs for that firmware before Apple stopped signing it.
iFaith was one starting from iOS 5 could be used to downgrade devices on iOS 5.x, but once Redsn0w’s new version released, that won’t be difficult anymore.
From Twitter (1) (2):

Upcoming redsn0w release makes both TinyUmbrella and Cydia blob saves useful for 5.0+ (1st verifies, then stitches)
For time being, please just use most recent TU to save 5.0.1 blobs+APTicket…redsn0w will do the rest, should you need to restore.
MuscleNerd suggests using the latest version of TinyUmbrella to save iOS 5.0.1 blobs along with APTicket. If you need those to downgrade, you can do it later on with the new Redsn0w version of downgrading tool. MuscleNerd tweeted that an upcoming release will make both Cydia blob and TinyUmbrella blob saves useful for iOS 5.0. This is going to benefit downgraders.
However we didn’t have any confirmed details on the release date for this new version of Redsn0w, but it will be released soon. Stay tuned to iHack Plus so that we can keep you updated of whenever the latest release version of Redsn0w rolls out to download.
Yesterday, the Chronic Dev Team member and popular iPhone hacker released a demo video of the hotly anticipated untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 by the exploit discovered pod2g. We are not sure when he release it and don’t know about the jailbreak will be working with iOS 5.0.1 untethered, other than the fact that it is currently for iOS 5.0 only (iOS 5.0.1 version still being worked on) and that it works, at least, on the iPod Touch. No jailbreaker is working on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreaking solution, which are yet to receive any form of Jailbreak on iOS 5.

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