Friday, 2 December 2011

iOS 5.1 Reveals Next Generation iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Apple TV

As a norm, whenever a new operating system or its update is released, the developers start messing and fiddling with it in order to unlock various features and to check if the source code contains any interesting secret information. Face Time over 3G and iPhone 4S being spotted in the source code as N94 being examples of previous source code manipulation.

Earlier today Apple released iOS 5.1 Beta. This time developers seem to have discovered more than just unreleased features, instead 9to5Mac states that iOS 5.1 beta contains information related to new line of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.
Now coming to iPhone, iOS 5.1 Beta contains within its source code, information regarding the next generation iPhone. The device seems to have been dubbed within the source code as the iPhone 5,1. From the current 4,1 to 5,1 it is expected that major changes are being made to the next apple phone in line.

2,4 is said to be the code which has been dug up to reveal that apple may be coming with their Sprint Apple tablet with a possibility of 4G incorporated into it. In another rumor it is said that it will be up for sale this Christmas. Furthermore new generation iPad models have also been revealed in the new iOS 5.1 Beta. The new models have been referred as 3,1 and 3,1 which are expected to be released in March of 2012. And also, Apple TV has received several references in the 5.1 update. The dubbed code for the new Apple TV is J33.
The new iPhone supposedly due in June, which is expected to be iPhone 5 along with the iPad 3 in March 2012 as well as Apple TV are the three major products in the pipeline for Apple. There are rumors that the new iPad will contain a quad-core processor as well as have a retina display, along with rumors of Apply TV getting a dual-core processor and Bluetooth support. Apple surely has big 6 months ahead.

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