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Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0

Basic Info:

The Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0 is nearly ready to pop. After hours of coding and VB6 work, Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0 is nearly ready for Public release!!

This tool will help any Windows User to Create A Siri Proxy Server easily using the Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0. This is basically a Collection of tools:
  • iPhone4S Keys Grabber
  • Certificate Generator
  • DNS Creator
The tool also allows you to Install custom Siri Plugins.

Initial Tutorial:

  • Unzip the SiriProxyGUI.rar onto the Desktop.
  • Open the SiriProxyGUIv1.0.exe
  • Wait till it creates the Temporary Cache Folder and The Siri Proxy Folder.
  • All the Certificates, keys etc...will be stored in this Folder
  • Click on Start Siri Proxy Server.
  • Then after a little Verbose...it will ask you to Prepare the ca.crt.
  • To do this click on certificate generator Tool.
  • Enter your static IP Address in the box and click Generate.
  • Open the SiriProxy folder and send the ca.crt file to the 4S.
  • Install the certificate and connect it to your network or wifi via VPN.
  • Now click on "Return to Main Window" in the Certificate Generator Tool.
  • Now Click on "iPhone 4S Keys Grabber.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.
  • The rest will be displayed in the on screen instructions. 

The Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0 Download Links:

The download links will be available soon....


This is a Paid Package. Donations are required for getting the Registration Code.
Registration Code is required for the Functioning of the Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0

Belfry Ports Native iPhone Apps To iPad (Jailbreak Tweak)

Just a moment ago, Cydia was updated with a revolutionary tweak. That tweak was called Belfry, made by Ryan Petrich. Belfry is a Cydia tweak that ports most of the native iPhone apps that Apple left out to the iPads. Haven’t you always wanted to check the weather on your iPad without having to search the web? Check it out!

With Belfry, you can now access the Calculator, Stocks, Weather, Clock, Compass, and Voice Memos apps right on your iPad! Unfortunately, these apps don’t come stock on the iPad firmwares and nobody really knows why Apple decided to leave these necessary apps out. But give a huge thanks to Ryan Petrich to making this possible.

Belfry is a free tweak found in Cydia and all you have to do is download it and give your device a reboot and you will have these apps on your personal iPad. One thing we recommend you also pick up in the Cydia store is RetinaPad also made by Ryan Petrich. RetinaPad will set you back about $3.00 but to have both of these awesome tweaks is well worth the price. What does RetinaPad do? Well it makes non-native iPad apps look more crisp and sharp when in fullscreen mode. And I can tell you this, RetinaPad comes in handy a lot!

Since Belfry and RetinaPad are iPad Cydia tweaks, you’ll need to do an untethered jailbreak for your device. You can use GreenPois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1. Also, here’s a video showing off Belfry and RetinaPad.

Change Siri’s Background Image With Custom Siri Background (Jailbreak Tweak)

From the makers of Custom NC background, we bring to you Custom Siri Background. With this tweak, you can change the background image of Siri on your iPhone 4S. Not only will this work with just the iPhone 4S, it’ll also work with other device with Siri using the Spire tweak except for the iPad.

As you can see with the image to the left, the device has a completely different background for Siri. That is all possible thanks to Custom Siri Background. The image on the right shows how this tweak works. All you have to do is enable it, pick your image, and you’re done! There’s no need to even respring !!.

You can pick up Custom Siri Background in Cydia for free on the default repos. If you guys want to check out some really nice Siri and Notification Center backgrounds, check out RxWallpapers! Since this is a jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, you’ll need to do an untethered jailbreak for your device. You can use GreenPois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.

AssistantExtensions Is By Far The Best Siri Jailbreak Tweak

The Siri tweaks just keep on rolling in! But this time, it’s possibly the most amazing and most advanced Siri tweak we have ever seen for the iPhone 4S and any other device you have that has Siri on it. There are so many things AssistantExtentions can do that the other Siri tweaks can’t do. Not only that, this tweak is all of those tweaks combined into one amazing tweak.

There are lots of things AssistantExtensions can do, so let’s break this down. All of the options VoiceUtils and SiriToggles can do are already integrated into Assistant Extension such as changing brightness and toggling switches.

One of the best things about AssistantExtensions is that it comes with a guide to making your own extensions/plugins for this tweak. So if you had a great idea and wanted to submit it as an extension in Cydia or to just use your own plugin, you can check out the guide and it teaches you how to go about this process.


To enable the ChatBot option, all you have to do is tell Siri, “let’s chat”. Once that is said, Siri will load up the preloaded database that will allow you to have an actual conversation with Siri regarding topics like food, movies, books. To exit the “Let’s Chat” mode and get normal responses and use the normal Siri functionality, all you have to say is “Goodbye” and that queues Siri to exit the ChatBot.

Tweet Using Siri

Unlike Sireet (a.k.a TwitMonster), when asking to send a tweet, you can actually view and edit your tweet before sending it off. If you were to send a tweet and you want it to go through quickly, just say “Tweet” and then your message. If you want the tweet to go through after viewing it first, say “Show Tweet” and then your message. Then your message will be displayed right from the Siri GUI and you can edit and send once done.


 If you want to know which toggles are on to see if you need to diable any. All you have to do is say “List Toggles” or “List Switches” and Siri will list out all of the toggles on the iOS and show if they are enabled or disabled. Then you can turn on or off any toggles by saying “Turn on” or “Turn off” and then the toggle name.


If you want to look up a YouTube video and you at least know the title and maybe what the thumbnail looks like, you can view YouTube videos right in the Siri GUI. To do this, all you have to do is say “Search (whatever) On YouTube” and it will pull up a list of YouTube videos. Choose one, and you will be redirected to the native YouTube app and you can immediately start watching the video!

That’s pretty much what AssistantExtensions can do. There are a tweaks being made right now that you install from Cydia and they are added to the AssistantExtensions tweak to form the ultimate Siri tweak! This tweak is so revolutionary and what makes it even better is that it is free in Cydia! Since this is a jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, you’ll need to do an untethered jailbreak for your device. You can use GreenPois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Apple Adds iTunes U Support Guides To Aid Professors And Faculty

After last weeks Apple education event, which saw an update to iBooks that added interactive textbooks to the iTunes Store. An iTunes U app for iOS devices was released, which proved to be quite a powerful software spotting support for full course management including syllabus, and other class related content. To encourage use of the iTunes U app Apple has updated their support pages with some new iTunes U guides.

iTunes U Support guides

These new guides are there to aid professors and faculty in creating and implementing iTunes U. There is a step-by-step information guide on how to access the iTunes U Course Manager, iTunes course creation guidelines, information on creating an instructor profile, as well as information on creating podcasts with Garageband.

 If you are an educator looking into the iTunes U approach to course management, these guides will be a perfect stepping stone into seeing just how powerful it can be, especially for larger classrooms.
Have you downloaded any of the interactive textbooks?

Tell us what you think of them in the comments below…

Evi Is One Of The First Siri Competitors For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Siri may finally have a competitor on her hands, and this new competitor goes by the name of Evi. Now, when you first used Siri or even heard about Siri, you probably thought to yourself “who could out-do this magnificent piece of technology?” Well, It looks like the folks over at True Knowledge may have released a Siri clone dubbed Evi that could actually be smarter than the all-acclaimed personal assistant Siri.
The reason why Evi is currently being labeled as a true Siri competitor is because of its world-wide support and smarter algorithms for finding information. According to TechCrunch:
Install Evi on an iPhone 4S and compare it to Evi. Ask “How do I make apple pie?”. Siri is unable to provide a direct answer and so asks whether you want to search the web. Evi provides a list of recipes with web links.
Ask “Who was President when Queen Elizabeth II was born”. Siri is unable to provide an answer and suggests performing a web search. Evi determines who Queen Elizabeth II is, when she was born, the dates when she will have been a teenager and then compares this against which US presidents were in office over that time, delivering the results of both serving US presidents during those years. Not bad huh.
Evi uses the same Nuance voice recognition technology as Siri does, but does have one drawback — it cannot launch or interact with native iOS applications like Siri can. Even though Evi may not be able to fully match Siri’s capabilities, she still gives Siri a good run for her money.

If you are interested in downloading Evi to your iOS device or even Android device you can download the application from the Apple App Store/Android Market for $0.99 by using one of the links below.

Download Evi for iOS devices

Download Evi for Android devices (beta)

Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about Evi in the comments section below if you have decided to download it to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device.

How To: Install MobileTerminal On Jailbroken iPhone 4S And iPad 2

If you have tried to install MobileTerminal on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you may have noticed that the current version of MobileTerminal available through Cydia is not compatible with the iOS 5 firmware generation. Thus, in order to get MobileTerminal working on the iOS 5 firmware generation you must add an external repository which features the latest version of MobileTerminal (v520-1).

MobileTerminal iPhone 4S, iPad 2

In this how to from iJailbreak.com you will learn how to install MobileTerminal version 520-1 on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 by adding the official iJailbreak.com repository that features an iOS 5.o/iOS 5.0.1 compatible version of MobileTerminal.

Note: This how to corresponds to all iOS devices running the iOS 4 or iOS 5 firmwares.

MobileTerminal iPhone 4S, iPad 2

Step 1) The first thing you will need to do is add iJailbreak’s official repository to your iPhone 4S or iPad 2. You can do this now by adding the repository listed below…

Unsure on how to add a Cydia Source? You can add a source by going into Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Here is our repo URL:
Note: If you already have a version of MobileTerminal installed on your iDevice you will need to remove it before installing MobileTerminal version 520-1. Do this now by going into Manage > Packages > MobileTerminal > Modify > Remove.

Step 2) Now you will need to go into the iJailbreak source ( Manage > Sources > iJailbreak.com), and once you are inside the iJailbreak source you will see MobileTerminal within the many other packages we have in our repository. When you find the MobileTerminal package, click it and install it to your iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

Step 3) Once MobileTerminal has successfully installed you can launch MobileTerminal from your SpringBoard. When MobileTerminal is running you will see a command line interface presented to you.

MobileTerminal (v520-1) features configurable options if you click the italic i icon on the right side of the screen.

These configurable options include Shortcode menus, and gesture controls; two very powerful features that will make your MobileTerminal experience so much better.
Congratulations! You have just installed MobileTerminal on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 running the iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware. For more how to’s like the one you just followed please visit iJailbreak’s How To Section. If you have any questions or thoughts about installing MobileTerminal to your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 leave them in the comments section below…

Linux Version Of Absinthe iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak Available [Download Now]

iOS hacker and developer @pimskeks, who is part of Chronic-Dev, has recently tweeted that the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreaking solution Absinthe is now available to download for Linux. This means if you currently run a form of the Linux operating system on your laptop/desktop computer you can now Jailbreak your iPone 4S or iPad 2 Untethered running the iOS 5.0 (iPhone 4S only) or iOS 5.0.1 firmware using the latest version of Absinthe (v0.3) for Linux.

absinthe v0.3 Linux download

If you would like to download Absinthe v0.3 for Linux you can use one of the direct download links shown below.

Download Absinthe v0.3 for Linux

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about Absinthe for Linux in the comments section below…

Absinthe v0.3 for Mac OS X and Windows

The Absinthe Jailbreaking solution has been downloaded over 1 million times on the first day it was released. Thus, it is no questions that the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak was heavily waited upon by people around the world. It was not too long ago that we told you Absinthe was updated to version 0.2. Now we are hearing from iOS hacker and developer @pimskeks, who is part of Chronic-Dev, that Absinthe was recently updated to version 0.3.

download absinthe v0.3 Mac OS X Windows

In Absinthe v0.3 for Mac OS X and Windows we see some minor stability improvements, cosmetic changes, and a potential bug fix for win32. It has been noted that there is no need to re-jailbreak your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 with Absinthe v0.3 because the changes implemented were not major.
If you have not already Jailbroken your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Untethered we suggest downloading Absinthe v0.3 right away for either Windows or Mac OS X from one of the direct download links shown below.

Download Absinthe v0.3 Mac OS X

Download Absinthe v0.3 Windows

Let us know if you have any further questions or thoughts on Absinthe v0.3 for Mac OS X and Windows in the comments section below…

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Download CLI Jailbreak Tool From iPhone Dev-Team For iPhone 4S And iPad 2

The iPhone Dev-Team have released the command line interface (CLI) version of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak to the public. This new CLI Jailbreak Tool will allow users to go through the Jailbreaking process from start to end by typing in commands through terminal. The reason someone would want to go to the trouble of using CLI over the GUI (graphical user interface) counterpart Absinthe. Is because the CLI tool will allow you to debug your Jailbreak to help find out why you are having errors Jailbreaking your A5 iOS device.

CLI Jailbreak Tool 
If you are interested in downloading the CLI tool to debug your A5 iOS device Jailbreak or simply want to take advantage of some of the advanced options CLI offers. You can download the CLI tool directly by clicking here (not working? Click here instead). 

Additionally, the ReadMe for the CLI tool can be found by clicking here.

Fix Camera Roll Error On iPhone 4S, iPad 2 After iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak

Wondering how to fix Camera roll on iPhone 4S or iPad 2 after running iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak? If so, planetbeing, the well known iPhone hacker, has a solution for you. The A5 untethered jailbreak was released earlier today via tool named GreenPois0n Absinthe from the Chronic Dev Team.

According to planetbeing, the error was because the jailbreak is incompelete. You can simply fix this error by rerunning the jailbreak on the A5 device.

Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” When Jailbreak Using Absinthe

After a very long wait, Greenpois0n Absinthe jailbreak tool for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5 was released few minutes ago. We made a full how to guide showing you how to use the tool to do the jailbreak in the right way. However, some users receiving a message saying “error establishing a database connection”.


In case you’re one of those who received this message when trying to use Absinthe from your iPhone 4S or iPad 2, the iPhone hacker planetbeing who contributed in the jailbreak you’re using has a solution for you.
You can fix “error establishing a database connection” message by going to Settings > General > Network > VPN > ON. Now try again and you won’t receive this message.

Jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad 2 5.0.1 / 5.0 Untethered using Absinthe

Here it comes. Now you can finally jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. GreenPois0n Absinthe jailbreak tool has been released which works on iPad iOS 5.0.1 and iPhone 4S both iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5. Below is the full guide on how to jailbreak iPhone 4S (5.0.1 – 5.0) or iPad 2 (5.0.1) untethered with the new tool.

Jailbreak iPhone 4S iPad 2 5.0.1 Untethered 

There has been much work on this jailbreak. Since the release of iOS 5.0.1 3 months ago, hackers have been working hard to achieve the untethered jailbreak on all devices. Pod2g first released the untethered jailbreak for all A4 devices running iOS 5.0.1. Now, with the help of the dream team, pod2g could release his untethered jailbreak for A5 devices so that all devices are now jailbroken.
Follow the steps below which shows you how to use GreenPois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S on iOS 5 / 5.0.1 and iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1.

Jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad 2 5.0.1 / 5.0 Untethered


  • Download iTunes from here.
  • Download Greenpois0n Absinthe 0.1.2-2 (Mac OS X [mirror] – Windows [soon] – Linux [soon])
  • Download iPhone 4S 5.0 (9A334), 5.0.1 (9A405) or 5.0.1 (9A406).
  • Download iPad 2 5.0.1 (9A405)


STEP 1: Backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and restore it using the iOS 5.0.1 or 5.0 IPSW file downloaded above.

STEP 2: Plug in your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you want to jailbreak.

STEP 3: Now open GreenPois0n Absinthe and make sure that your device is detected then hit the jailbreak
button as shown.GreenPois0n Absinthe
STEP 4: Now you’ll see “Restoring in Progress”, you should wait for few minutes. Once done, get on your iPhone and you’ll find an icon named “Absinthe”, hit it and this will open greenpois0n.com which will install Cydia on your device replacing the Absinthe icon as shown.

Let us know if you need help.

Friday, 20 January 2012

P0sixninja Says “Not Much Longer Now” For A5 Untethered Jailbreak Release

You got it from the title! There’s not much longer now left for A5 untethered jailbreak release for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1. That’s what the iPhone hacker and Chronic Dev Team member p0sixninja said few hours ago.

There’s nothing to say more. We don’t want to make long posts. This is just what we got for today. When do you expect the jailbreak release? Is Sunday a fun-day finally

GPower Pro Is A Must Have Tweak For iPhone Users, Adds More Options To Power Off Menu

We all know the awesome tweak GPower Pro that has been available in Cydia ever since the iOS 4 days. But now that we have iOS 5 jailbroken, it wasn’t compatible with most devices. Well now the creators of GPower Pro have updated this tweak to support all iOS 5 devices.

If you don’t know what GPower Pro does, basically it just adds a few more options to your “Slide To Power Off” screen. These options include “Slide To Reboot” and “Slide To Respring”. These options come in handy a lot since it is usually easier to push a button than it is to perform a gesture such as with SBSettings just to reboot or respring your device.

GPower Pro is available in the Cydia store for just $0.99. You don’t need to add any sources, just search the name! Since this is a jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, you’ll need to do an untethered jailbreak for your device.

Install iOS 5 On iPhone 3G, 2G, iPod Touch 2G, 1G With Whited00r 5.1

New updated software app called Whited00r 5.1 has been released that will allow the owners of iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPod touch 2G, 1G to install iOS 5 directly from iTunes onto their devices.

This app will bring all the great and awesome features of the iOS 5.1 to the old iPhone and iPod models. But before you start, there are few things you should know about the app, the custom firmware is missing some of iOS’s features like Notification Center. But it will include multitasking, reminders, home screen folders, custom wallpapers and custom home screen background. It even includes pre-installed jailbreak tweaks and the Cydia app.
The update is free and you can get if from here and it can be easily installed using the iTunes software, but be aware that installing a custom iOS onto your devices comes with number of security issues and it is completely unofficial.

Cydia 1.1.3 Preinstalled (last stable release)
YouTube certificates needed for hacktivated device
PNGs optimization for native apps and global GUI
Improved Brightness menu
New Touch Menu for user with problems to touch screen
Reset menu modded: reset a jailbroken device causes problems
Custom whited00r Copyright page
iOS5 animated Bootlogo ready for LogoMii (not installed by default)
iOS5 shadows included in default wallpapers (good looking without slow down the device)
Wallpaper on HomeScreen (thanks to Darlo770)
iOS4 wallpapers set by default (ready at the first boot)
iOS5.1 wallpapers included (ported from iPad firmware)
Fake wallpaper preview menu (thanks to iHalo)
Real multitasking: backgrounded apps keep in running state
Keep home button pressed to background
Old Backgrounder version without Activator dependance (faster and iOS3 stable)
Phone and Mail app really could be kept closed if not used (no autolaunch in background)
iPodControls on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
Rotation Lock button on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
Respring easter egg in Multitasking dock (swipe dock to extreme left)
Respring toggle in Settings-General menu
System sounds sounds from iOS5
All ringtones from iPhone4
TipToes and Calypso SMS sound from iOS4
Character Count for Message app
Custom carriers bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
Carrier Bundles from iOS5
CommCenter patched to run Unsigned carrier bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
CommCenter patched on iPhone 2G to enable MMS and Tethering
Custom tethering APN thanks to the possibility to use unsigned carrier bundles
GUI modded as much as possible to suite iOS4/iOS5 one without slow down the device
PNG in other.artwork modded (thanks to iHalo)
App glossy mask from iOS4 (thanks to iHalo)
iCould copy to save your App and Games saves on Dropbox and sync with other device
iCloud menu is Settings to provide quick usage instructions
Share on Twitter in Safari bookmarks
Reader (as iOS5 one) in Safari bookmarks
Find on Page in Safari Bookmarks
Safari Bookmarks to launch Official Apple AppStore
Many Bookmarklets in Safari Bookmarks
Alphanumeric Passcode Installer in Safari Bookmarks (Tools folder)
Shake to shuffle for iPod disabled by default
Mobile Terminal preinstalled
/var/mobile/Configurator custom script to enable/disabled features and speed up the device
/var/mobile/RemoveLanguages custom script to remove unused languages and get free space
/var/mobile/RemoveRetina custom script to remove all useless retina images and get free space
/var/mobile/RestoreInstalld custom script to restore App-In Purchase
/var/mobile/PatchInstalld custom script to restore AppSync patch (3Store)
Cycorder application preinstalled (thanks to Saurik) for the best video record quality
Video Editing for Video moved to Camera Roll
Reminders app preinstalled (thanks to Soltmeal)
Newsstand web oriented app to keep in touch with Whited00r community
Default icon position on first boot according to iOS5 one
No unified iPod for iPhone like in iOS5
Whited00r.deb for automatic script running post installation
Installd (AppSync) patch to enabled 3Store apps installation (we don’t support piracy)
3Store alternative AppStore to find iOS3 compatible apps

WARNING: Don’t Update To iOS 5.0.1 If You Want To Unlock iPhone 4S

We’ve got some great news from MuscleNerd to those of you waiting for an iPhone 4S unlock. Although many warnings have suggested that iPhone 4S users update to iOS 5.0.1, MuscleNerd now advises iPhone 4S users to remain on iOS 5.0 if they want to unlock their device in the future. He confirmed that an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S running iOS 5 will be released right after the iOS 5.0.1 A5 untethered Jailbreak.
MuscleNerd has confirmed to iClarified that an untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak for iOS 5.0 will be released at the same time as the iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak, or a day or two later. As always, for those looking to unlock, it is standard operating procedure to stay at the lowest possible baseband.
If you are on iOS 5.0.1, downgrade to iOS 5, also check your build number and downgrade from build 9A406 to 9A405 while Apple is still signing both builds and stay at the lowest possible baseband.

While it’s not guaranteed now to unlock the iPhone 4S, back in November, MuscleNerd announced a very promising unlock for the iPhone 4S. So, make sure that you’re on iOS 5.0 if not downgrade and check your build number if you want to get your iPhone 4S unlocked.

Download iTunes 10.5.3 For Windows And Mac OS X

Apple released a new version of its iTunes software bringing some new features and bug fixes. iTunes 10.5.3 allows the sync of interactive iBooks textbooks to your iPad. iTunes 10.5.3 also comes with updated iTunes U program.

Download iTunes 10.5.3

What’s new in iTunes 10.5.3

iTunes 10.5.3 allows you to sync interactive iBooks textbooks to your iPad. These Multi-Touch textbooks are available for purchase from the iTunes Store on your Mac or from the iBookstore included with iBooks 2 on your iPad.
iBooks textbooks are created with iBooks Author — now available as a free download on the Mac App Store

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:support.apple.com/kb/HT1222

iTunes 10.5.3 requirements…

• Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5 or G4 processor and 512MB of RAM
• To play Standard Definition video from the iTunes Store, a 1.0GHz PowerPC G4 or faster processor and 512MB of RAM is required.
• To play HD video, an iTunes LP, or iTunes Extras, a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or faster processor and 1GB of RAM is required.
• Screen resolution of 1024×768 or greater; 1280×800 or greater is required to play an iTunes LP or iTunes Extras
• Broadband Internet connection to use the iTunes Store
• Apple combo drive or SuperDrive to create audio, MP3, or back-up CDs; some non-Apple CD-RW recorders may also work
• Apple SuperDrive to back up your library to DVDs; some non-Apple DVD-RW drives may also work
• Mac OS X version 10.5 or later
• Safari 4.0.3 or later
• 200MB of available disk space
• iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match availability may vary by country.

Download iTunes 10.5.3 for Windows and Mac OS X

Easiest Way To Change Brightness On iOS With SBBrightnessButtons (Jailbreak Tweak)

There are a lot of jailbreak tweaks out there that make changing the brightness on your jailbroken iOS device a breeze. But they all still rely on some sort of gesture or activation. Today we bring to you SBBrightnessButtons; a Cydia tweak that is by far the easiest way to change your brightness!

As you can see from the screenshot above, the tweak adds two white icons to your springboard. These icons stay in place while switching through pages so it is much more convenient for the user. To use the icons, all you have to do is simply tap on the left on to lower the brightness and the right one to make things brighter.

This tweak is free in Cydia, all you have to search is “SBBrightnessButtons” and there is no need to add a repo. Since this is a jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, you’ll need to do an untethered jailbreak for your device. 

Also, don’t forget to check out our recent and popular tweak review called SuperSwitcher which adds more options to your app switcher

Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Successful (PHOTO)

Need more proof that the A5 untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is right round the corner?
If so, pod2g posted a new photo showing iPad 2 jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1. Hit the jump button for the photo.

Earlier yesterday, the popular legendary iPhone hacker pod2g teased the untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak for A5 devices by showing a video demo on iPhone 4S device. In the previous blog post, he said “Only a few to wait now”.

In today’s blog post, he said “No more to say !”. This might mean that this is his last word before the A5 untethered jailbreak release.

iPad 2 on iOS 5 has been jailbroken before by MuscleNerd but now the jailbreak will be coming out from the popular jailbreaking dream team.
We’re looking for a really close A5 untethered jailbreak release for both iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Get your devices ready, jailbreakers!

UPDATE 1: Pod2G has removed the image (posted above) from his blog. We don’t know any reason.

UPDATE 2: The well known expert iPhone hacker planetbeing has recently posted yet another image on his Twitter account showing another jailbroken iPad 2 running IntelliScreenX jailbreak tweak.

CydiaBulletin Tweak Will Notify Whenever Cydia Package Is Updated (Jailbreak Required)

There are many great benefits to jailbreak your iOS device. Wouldnt you like to know about Cydia updates right from notification center? Well iOS developer Ryan Petrich has shown us a project hes been working on which is called CydiaBulletin.


This tweak came to be known when someone on Twitter ran a idea for a Cydia tweak to a lot of iOS devs and by surprise to everyone Ryan Petrich repiled with a actual screen shot of CydiaBulletin, a tweak no one knew he was working on.

CydiaBulletin is a iOS 5 only tweak that uses Notification Center to inform you on Cydia upgrades that are available for you. This could save you a lot of time because you might want to know what apps that are being upgraded before opening. The tweak is in early alpha form, its not even released yet. Ryan has made a lot of great tweaks that are very professional and elegant such has Activator, RetinaPad, and Action Menu. The tweak has no ETA, and could take a while for it to be released because this is a lot of work to perfect.
The main process how this should work is, swipe down to reveal notification center and you should see Cydia and under it the Apps that need to be updated.

Then by a simple click you should be taken to Cydia and the Changes tab or right into the upgraded app where you just need to click confirm and the app should update. The tweak should work all your Apps, or maybe be limited only to pre-loaded repos and Apps/Tweaks. This could open up new doors to notifications from apps and Cydia itself, maybe it could do more then we except?

I would keep a lookout for this to be released since its gonna be hot!

iPhone 4S Jailbroken Untethered!!!

This Video demonstrates an iPhone 4S Jailbroken Untethered by Me
This is not a Jailbreak by Pod2G

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To Easily Change Your Siri Mic Color

Have you ever wondered how to change your Siri Mic color on iPhone or whatever jailbroken iOS device running Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Apple made it purple microphone color all the time. However, the reason why we jailbreak our devices is to get our of bounds Apple has on its own devices.

The bad about this is that iPhone 4S users can’t do this since there’s no public iPhone 4S jailbreak till now. Only users with jailbroken devices can follow the below steps to change the Mic color of Siri. Though, an iPhone 4S jailbreak has been shown in a video and will be released very soon.

Steps explained by TechNetec:
  1. Enter Cydia —>Manage—>Resources—> Edit—>Add (video instruction Below)
  2. Enter: http://repo.technetec.com
  3. Tap on the TechNetec repo, and select the mic color you want.
  4. Tap on install. (foun on the right top)
  5. This will reboot, if you didnt have WinterBoard. If you had it, it will say “Return to Cydia”.
  6. After you install, Open WinterBoard.
  7. Select on Themes. And select the preferred Siri color.

Fix iBooks On iOS 5.0.1 Using Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 / Corona 1.0-5 After Jailbreak

As most of you know, when a new jailbreak is released to the jailbreak community, there’s a big issue that most of users face. iBooks on iOS 5.0.1 issue appeared after pod2g’s new untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1. Now thanks to Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 and Corona 1.0-5 updates, you can fix iBooks problem on jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The problem is that when you open iBooks stock app from your jailbroken device, an error will pop up which prevents you from opening the app.

Xvolks, a jailbreak developer, has recently worked on this fix for iBooks on iOS 5.0.1. He gave the fix to both Saurik and MuscleNerd. By doing so, Saurik could release Corona 1.0-5 and MuscleNerd earlier today released Redsn0w 0.9.10b4.

You can get Corona 1.0-5 by heading to Cydia leave it to update then search for Corona and hit the install button to get it.

Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 can be downloaded from here (for Windows) or here (for Mac OS X).

The fix can be installed by simply re-running this new update of Redsn0w over the existing one but uncheck Cydia option since it’s already installed.

3G Unrestrictor 5 Cydia Tweak Comes With iPhone 4S Support, Proves Imminent Jailbreak Release

In case you need more proof that the iPhone 4S jailbreak is in its closet moments before the release, here’s a new proof for you. Today, a new popular jailbreak tweak has been released bringing support for “iPhone 4S and iPad 2″, anything interesting?

For those who don’t know, 3G Unrestrictor 5 jailbreak tweak enables FaceTime calls over 3G. It also allows you to load high quality YouTube streams over 3G. The new update brings iCloud Backups and Photo Stream over 3G as well.

The app is on sale now for existing customers for a limited price of $0.99 and $3.99 for new customers.

The good surprising news about this update is that this is the first jailbreak tweak which publicly says it support A5 devices including iPhone 4S which hasn’t been jailbroken yet.

Download NEW Sn0wBreeze v2.9 (Windows) To Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Firmware Untethered

Hacker iH8Sn0w recently tweeted that today is Sn0wBreeze’s birthday, which brings Sn0wBreeze to its’ two year anniversary! To celebrate Sn0wBreeze’s birthday iH8Sn0w has updated Sn0wBreeze to version 2.9. In Sn0wBreeze v2.9 there are numerous changes and new features that are worth talking about such as iOS 5.0.1 untethered support, as well as untethered support for old firmware versions. In fact, Sn0wBreeze 2.9 now supports a wide range of firmware versions going back to the iOS 3.1.3 firmware.
Sn0wBreeze v2.9 Supported Firmwares
  • Supports iOS 3.1.3
  • Supports iOS 3.2.x
  • Supports iOS 4.0.x
  • Supports iOS 4.1
  • Supports iOS 4.2.1 – 4.2.8
  • Supports iOS 4.3 – 4.3.3
  • Supports iOS 5.0.1
  • iOS 4.3.4/4.3.5/4.4.x/5.0 support coming soon
Note: Sn0wBreeze v2.9 Jailbreaks all of the firmware versions listed Untethered. This is NOT an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak. Another thing to keep in mind is that Sn0wBreeze v2.9 does not support the iOS 5.0 firmware; only iOS 5.0.1.

Sn0wbreeze v2.9 windows

Besides support for a wide variety of firmware versions, Sn0wBreeze 2.9 contains GUI improvements, removes OTA updates/badges on iOS 5.x.x devices and includes an IPSW firmware downloader. In Sn0wBreeze v2.9 you can also expect built-in iReb functionality with the new r5 module and custom packages actually work in expert mode.

If you would like to download Sn0wBreeze v2.9 for the Windows operating system you can use one of my direct download links below:

Download SnowBreeze v2.9 Windows

Sunday, 15 January 2012

This Tweak Allows You To Easily Change Your iOS 5 Notification Center Background

Before going to main briefing of this newly introduced Cydia tweak, Custom NC Background that allows you to set any image for your notification center background in iOS 5.

Firstly, the Notification Center feature was introduced in the iOS 5 firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that uses single gesture to see the most frequently used service like weather, stock, e-mail updates at one place.

Custom NC Background

Well, I am talking about iOS 5 Notification Center which have mostly users upgraded their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1. Since the notification center was made available for public, there are lots of  Cydia tweaks and widgets started rolling out that makes and allows you to customize the notification center according to the way you want.

Custom NC Background is a free jailbreak tweak for iOS Notification Center that will set any photo as notification center’s background and is available for download from the Cydia under ModMyi repository.
How to set the image using Custom NC Background on the Notification Center is very simple, just open the tweak from Settings app then select a image from the photo stock or any folder or albums options in your device. After installing this tweak, there will no new icon visible on your springboard.

Additional, please note that if no changes show on your NC then simply disable the tweak and enable it again after selecting the image. The developers of  the tweak has notified for better results that “Select 640 x 960 resolution image size for 4th-generation devices and 320 x 480 resolution size image for 3rd-generation devices.”

Will Apple Open Up Siri for Other iOS Devices?

A few days ago, evidence surfaced in the latest iOS 5.1 developer beta that Apple could be bringing Siri to the iPad in the near future. The idea sparked some controversy, as a lot of folks don’t see a use for the digital assistant on a tablet.

But what if there’s more to it than that? Cult of Mac has discovered that the Dictation reference everyone is talking about is also evident on the latest iPod touch model. Of course, this could mean nothing. But what if it means everything?

Given this information, one could assume that Apple is looking to bring at least the Dictation component of Siri to its other iOS products. It’s already been proven that an A5 processor isn’t needed to run the digital assistant, so what would stop Apple from doing this?

Sure, you could say that Apple wants to keep Siri as an iPhone 4S-exclusive feature to propel sales. But what about Dictation? What if it just rolled out the voice-to-text option to other iOS devices? That way it would appease some of the disappointed iOS users that have been left out of all of the Siri excitement, while still keeping the digital assistant exclusive to its latest handset.

Then again, the evidence could also suggest that Apple is looking to bring Siri to other iOS devices in its entirety. You may recall a theory that Apple wanted to introduce Siri on a small scale (limited to iPhone 4S purchasers) at first, while it finished working out all of the kinks. And since it’s been nearly three months since the last documented widespread Siri outage, one could imagine that those wrinkles have been ironed out, leaving Siri ready for prime time.

For the record, there’s not a whole lot of proof supporting any of this outside of the evidence in iOS 5.1. And even then, it’s circumstantial. It’s nothing more than a text file that could have easily been mistakenly pushed out with the latest developer beta. But I think there might be more to it than that.

Add More Options To Your Multitasking Bar With SuperSwitcher (Jailbreak Tweak)

There are many tweaks out that do many things to your iOS devices’ app switcher better known as multitasking bar. But SuperSwitcher does a lot more in a different way! In normal, whenever you trigger multitasking, there is always a blank space above the switcher. Now not anymore thanks to SuperSwitcher.

As you can see in the image above, you can set up to nine apps on the ‘Favorite Apps’ screen, and if you scroll to the right, you get more switches and toggles. You can toggle your bluetooth, location, wifi, and airplane mode right from SuperSwitcher.

With SuperSwitcher, you can also respring, power off, and reboot your device by tapping on one of the smaller icons at the bottom of the switcher. There are also more options under that such as phone, Email, SMS, and Google Search which come in handy often.

You can get SuperSwitcher in the Cydia store for just $1.00. So have you tried it? I find that it comes in handy a lot more than SBSettings.

Sherif Hashim Still Working On iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08 – 02.10.04 Unlock

Here are some good news for iPhone users who are stuck on high basebands which neither can be unlocked by Gevey SIM nor Ultrasn0w, the well-known expert iPhone baseband hacker Sherif Hashim has just confirmed that he is still working very hard to unlock iPhone 4 02.10.04 baseband (on iOS 4.1) and 04.11.08 baseband (iOS 5 / 5.0.1).

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband

We don’t want to talk a lot so we’ll brief what Sherif Hashim said.
Here’s what Sherif Hashim said about the iPhone 4 GSM unlock:

for those whom are still concerned YES i am still working on the VERY TIGHT bbfw 2.10-4.11

However, he asked users not to keep asking about the release and just wait:
NO NEED to ask because it won’t make it achievable/earlier/easier.
Status will be communicated by either him or by the legendary iPhone hacker MuscleNerd whenever the ultrasn0w unlock is available.

In case you want to upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 without upgrading your iPhone 4 baseband to 04.11.08, you’ll need to preserver your iPhone baseband.

Apple Patches Untethered Jailbreak Exploit Corona Uses In iOS 5.1 Beta 3

That cat and mouse game between iPhone hackers and Apple employees is getting a real war more than a game. After several months of hard work, the iPhone hacker pod2g with the help of the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team could release iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak for all A4 devices. Although iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are not jailbroken yet, pod2g said that the A5 untethered is matter of days away.

 Corona 5.0.1

For those of you who haven’t updated to iOS 5.0.1 yet, it’s time to do so.
Couple of days ago, Apple released iOS 5.1 beta 3 to developers. iOS 5.1 beta 3 revealed some new features and bug fixes. With the release of iOS 5.1 beta 3, it was unveiled that Siri is most probably coming to the iPad 3 and may be all iOS devices. iOS 5.1 beta 3 also brought back the 3G toggle on iPhone 4S.

However, iOS 5.1 beta 3 brings some bad news to the jailbreak community. According to iPhone developer Nadeem Ateyeh on Twitter (via @veeence), iOS 5.1 beta fixes the Corona iOS 5.1 untethered. According to the developer, iOS 5.1 is not susceptible to the Corona jailbreak since it fixes the bugs Corona uses to untether iOS 5.0.1.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WPA Password with Reaver

A new, free, open-source tool called Reaver exploits a security hole in wireless routers and can crack most routers' current passwords with relative ease. Here's how to crack a WPA or WPA2 password, step by step, with Reaver—and how to protect your network against Reaver attacks. In the first section of this post, I'll walk through the steps required to crack a WPA password using Reaver. You can follow along with either the video or the text below. After that, I'll explain how Reaver works, and what you can do to protect your network against Reaver attacks.
First, a quick note: As we remind often remind readers when we discuss topics that appear potentially malicious: Knowledge is power, but power doesn't mean you should be a jerk, or do anything illegal. Knowing how to pick a lock doesn't make you a thief. Consider this post educational, or a proof-of-concept intellectual exercise. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself.

What You'll Need

You don't have to be a networking wizard to use Reaver, the command-line tool that does the heavy lifting, and if you've got a blank DVD, a computer with compatible Wi-Fi, and a few hours on your hands, you've got basically all you'll need. There are a number of ways you could set up Reaver, but here are the specific requirements for this guide:

  • The BackTrack 5 Live DVD. BackTrack is a bootable Linux distribution that's filled to the brim with network testing tools, and while it's not strictly required to use Reaver, it's the easiest approach for most users. Download the Live DVD from BackTrack's download page and burn it to a DVD. You can alternately download a virtual machine image if you're using VMware, but if you don't know what VMware is, just stick with the Live DVD. As of this writing, that means you should select BackTrack 5 R1 from the Release drop-down, select Gnome, 32- or 64-bit depending on your CPU (if you don't know which you have, 32 is a safe bet), ISO for image, and then download the ISO.
  • A computer with Wi-Fi and a DVD drive. BackTrack will work with the wireless card on most laptops, so chances are your laptop will work fine. However, BackTrack doesn't have a full compatibility list, so no guarantees. You'll also need a DVD drive, since that's how you'll boot into BackTrack. I used a six-year-old MacBook Pro.
  • A nearby WPA-secured Wi-Fi network. Technically, it will need to be a network using WPA security with the WPS feature enabled. I'll explain in more detail in the "How Reaver Works" section how WPS creates the security hole that makes WPA cracking possible.
  • A little patience. This is a 4-step process, and while it's not terribly difficult to crack a WPA password with Reaver, it's a brute-force attack, which means your computer will be testing a number of different combinations of cracks on your router before it finds the right one. When I tested it, Reaver took roughly 2.5 hours to successfully crack my password. The Reaver home page suggests it can take anywhere from 4-10 hours. Your mileage may vary.


Let's Get Crackin'

At this point you should have BackTrack burned to a DVD, and you should have your laptop handy.


Step 1: Boot into BackTrack

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network's WPA Password with Reaver

To boot into BackTrack, just put the DVD in your drive and boot your machine from the disc. (Google around if you don't know anything about live CDs/DVDs and need help with this part.) During the boot process, BackTrack will prompt you to to choose the boot mode. Select "BackTrack Text - Default Boot Text Mode" and press Enter.
Eventually BackTrack will boot to a command line prompt. When you've reached the prompt, type


and press Enter. BackTrack will boot into its graphical interface.


Step 2: Install Reaver

Reaver has been added to the bleeding edge version of BackTrack, but it's not yet incorporated with the live DVD, so as of this writing, you need to install Reaver before proceeding. (Eventually, Reaver will simply be incorporated with BackTrack by default.) To install Reaver, you'll first need to connect to a Wi-Fi network that you have the password to.
  1. Click Applications > Internet > Wicd Network Manager
  2. Select your network and click Connect, enter your password if necessary, click OK, and then click Connect a second time.
Now that you're online, let's install Reaver. Click the Terminal button in the menu bar (or click Applications > Accessories > Terminal). At the prompt, type:

apt-get update

And then, after the update completes:
apt-get install reaver

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network's WPA Password with Reaver

If all went well, Reaver should now be installed. It may seem a little lame that you need to connect to a network to do this, but it will remain installed until you reboot your computer. At this point, go ahead and disconnect from the network by opening Wicd Network Manager again and clicking Disconnect. (You may not strictly need to do this. I did just because it felt like I was somehow cheating if I were already connected to a network.)


Step 3: Gather Your Device Information, Prep Your Crackin'

In order to use Reaver, you need to get your wireless card's interface name, the BSSID of the router you're attempting to crack (the BSSID is a unique series of letters and numbers that identifies a router), and you need to make sure your wireless card is in monitor mode. So let's do all that.
Find your wireless card: Inside Terminal, type:


How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network's WPA Password with Reaver

Press Enter. You should see a wireless device in the subsequent list. Most likely, it'll be named wlan0, but if you have more than one wireless card, or a more unusual networking setup, it may be named something different.
Put your wireless card into monitor mode: Assuming your wireless card's interface name is wlan0, execute the following command to put your wireless card into monitor mode:

airmon-ng start wlan0

This command will output the name of monitor mode interface, which you'll also want to make note of. Most likely, it'll be mon0, like in the screenshot below. Make note of that.

Find the BSSID of the router you want to crack: Lastly, you need to get the unique identifier of the router you're attempting to crack so that you can point Reaver in the right direction. To do this, execute the following command:

airodump-ng wlan0

You'll see a list of the wireless networks in range—it'll look something like the screenshot below:
When you see the network you want, press Ctrl+C to stop the list from refreshing, then copy that network's BSSID (it's the series of letters, numbers, and colons on the far left). The network should have WPA or WPA2 listed under the ENC column.
Now, with the BSSID and monitor interface name in hand, you've got everything you need to start up Reaver.


Step 4: Crack a Network's WPA Password with Reaver

Now execute the following command in the Terminal, replacing bssid and moninterface with the BSSID and monitor interface and you copied down above:

reaver -i moninterface -b bssid -vv

For example, if your monitor interface was mon0 like mine, and your BSSID was 8D:AE:9D:65:1F:B2 (a BSSID I just made up), your command would look like:

reaver -i mon0 -b 8D:AE:9D:65:1F:B2 -vv

Press Enter, sit back, and let Reaver work its disturbing magic. 
Reaver will now try a series of PINs on the router in a brute force 
attack, one after another. This will take a while. In my successful 
test, Reaver took 2 hours and 30 minutes to crack the network and 
deliver me with the correct password. As mentioned above, the Reaver 
documentation says it can take between 4 and 10 hours, so it could take 
more or less time than I experienced, depending. When Reaver's cracking 
has completed, it'll look like this:

A few important factors to consider: Reaver worked exactly as advertised in my test, but it won't necessarily work on all routers (see more below). Also, the router you're cracking needs to have a relatively strong signal, so if you're hardly in range of a router, you'll likely experience problems, and Reaver may not work. Throughout the process, Reaver would sometimes experience a timeout, sometimes get locked in a loop trying the same PIN repeatedly, and so on. I just let it keep on running, and kept it close to the router, and eventually it worked its way through.

Also of note, you can also pause your progress at any time by pressing Ctrl+C while Reaver is running. This will quit the process, but Reaver will save any progress so that next time you run the command, you can pick up where you left off-as long as you don't shut down your computer (which, if you're running off a live DVD, will reset everything).


How Reaver Works

Now that you've seen how to use Reaver, let's take a quick overview of how Reaver works. The tool takes advantage of a vulnerability in something called Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS. It's a feature that exists on many routers, intended to provide an easy setup process, and it's tied to a PIN that's hard-coded into the device. Reaver exploits a flaw in these PINs; the result is that, with enough time, it can reveal your WPA or WPA2 password.
Read more details about the vulnerability at Sean Gallagher's excellent post on Ars Technica.


How to Protect Yourself Against Reaver Attacks

Since the vulnerability lies in the implementation of WPS, your network should be safe if you can simply turn off WPS (or, even better, if your router doesn't support it in the first place). Unfortunately, as Gallagher points out as Ars, even with WPS manually turned off through his router's settings, Reaver was still able to crack his password.
In a phone conversation, Craig Heffner said that the inability to shut this vulnerability down is widespread. He and others have found it to occur with every Linksys and Cisco Valet wireless access point they've tested. "On all of the Linksys routers, you cannot manually disable WPS," he said. While the Web interface has a radio button that allegedly turns off WPS configuration, "it's still on and still vulnerable.
So that's kind of a bummer. You may still want to try disabling WPS on your router if you can, and test it against Reaver to see if it helps.
You could also set up MAC address filtering on your router (which only allows specifically whitelisted devices to connect to your network), but a sufficiently savvy hacker could detect the MAC address of a whitelisted device and use MAC address spoofing to imitate that computer.
Double bummer. So what will work?
I have the open-source router firmware DD-WRT installed on my router and I was unable to use Reaver to crack its password. As it turns out, DD-WRT does not support WPS, so there's yet another reason to love the free router-booster. If that's got you interested in DD-WRT, check their supported devices list to see if your router's supported. It's a good security upgrade, and DD-WRT can also do cool things like monitor your internet usage, set up a network hard drive, act as a whole-house ad blocker, boost the range of your Wi-Fi network, and more. It essentially turns your $60 router into a $600 router.


Further Reading

Thanks to this post on Mauris Tech Blog for a very straightforward starting point for using Reaver. If you're interested in reading more, see:
Reddit user jagermo (who I also spoke with briefly while researching Reaver) has created a public spreadsheat intended to build a list of vulnerable devices so you can check to see if your router is susceptible to a Reaver crack.