Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Apple Adds iTunes U Support Guides To Aid Professors And Faculty

After last weeks Apple education event, which saw an update to iBooks that added interactive textbooks to the iTunes Store. An iTunes U app for iOS devices was released, which proved to be quite a powerful software spotting support for full course management including syllabus, and other class related content. To encourage use of the iTunes U app Apple has updated their support pages with some new iTunes U guides.

iTunes U Support guides

These new guides are there to aid professors and faculty in creating and implementing iTunes U. There is a step-by-step information guide on how to access the iTunes U Course Manager, iTunes course creation guidelines, information on creating an instructor profile, as well as information on creating podcasts with Garageband.

 If you are an educator looking into the iTunes U approach to course management, these guides will be a perfect stepping stone into seeing just how powerful it can be, especially for larger classrooms.
Have you downloaded any of the interactive textbooks?

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