Friday, 20 January 2012

CydiaBulletin Tweak Will Notify Whenever Cydia Package Is Updated (Jailbreak Required)

There are many great benefits to jailbreak your iOS device. Wouldnt you like to know about Cydia updates right from notification center? Well iOS developer Ryan Petrich has shown us a project hes been working on which is called CydiaBulletin.


This tweak came to be known when someone on Twitter ran a idea for a Cydia tweak to a lot of iOS devs and by surprise to everyone Ryan Petrich repiled with a actual screen shot of CydiaBulletin, a tweak no one knew he was working on.

CydiaBulletin is a iOS 5 only tweak that uses Notification Center to inform you on Cydia upgrades that are available for you. This could save you a lot of time because you might want to know what apps that are being upgraded before opening. The tweak is in early alpha form, its not even released yet. Ryan has made a lot of great tweaks that are very professional and elegant such has Activator, RetinaPad, and Action Menu. The tweak has no ETA, and could take a while for it to be released because this is a lot of work to perfect.
The main process how this should work is, swipe down to reveal notification center and you should see Cydia and under it the Apps that need to be updated.

Then by a simple click you should be taken to Cydia and the Changes tab or right into the upgraded app where you just need to click confirm and the app should update. The tweak should work all your Apps, or maybe be limited only to pre-loaded repos and Apps/Tweaks. This could open up new doors to notifications from apps and Cydia itself, maybe it could do more then we except?

I would keep a lookout for this to be released since its gonna be hot!

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