Friday, 27 January 2012

Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0

Basic Info:

The Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0 is nearly ready to pop. After hours of coding and VB6 work, Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0 is nearly ready for Public release!!

This tool will help any Windows User to Create A Siri Proxy Server easily using the Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0. This is basically a Collection of tools:
  • iPhone4S Keys Grabber
  • Certificate Generator
  • DNS Creator
The tool also allows you to Install custom Siri Plugins.

Initial Tutorial:

  • Unzip the SiriProxyGUI.rar onto the Desktop.
  • Open the SiriProxyGUIv1.0.exe
  • Wait till it creates the Temporary Cache Folder and The Siri Proxy Folder.
  • All the Certificates, keys etc...will be stored in this Folder
  • Click on Start Siri Proxy Server.
  • Then after a little Verbose...it will ask you to Prepare the ca.crt.
  • To do this click on certificate generator Tool.
  • Enter your static IP Address in the box and click Generate.
  • Open the SiriProxy folder and send the ca.crt file to the 4S.
  • Install the certificate and connect it to your network or wifi via VPN.
  • Now click on "Return to Main Window" in the Certificate Generator Tool.
  • Now Click on "iPhone 4S Keys Grabber.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.
  • The rest will be displayed in the on screen instructions. 

The Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0 Download Links:

The download links will be available soon....


This is a Paid Package. Donations are required for getting the Registration Code.
Registration Code is required for the Functioning of the Siri Proxy GUI (Windows) v1.0