Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WiBlaze Lite HD- Review

Looking for an alternative browser to MobileSafari? WiBlaze Lite HD is brand new web browser for the iPad that increase browsing speeds on both HSPA networks and WiFi networks. It had been made clear that the WiBlaze Lite HD Cydia tweak is built for speed and compatibility to give you one of the best browsing experiences possible.
There is no longer lag associated with the amount of time to start up the browser, load a page or when scrolling down a webpage. And since the WiBlaze Lite HD Cydia tweak was released into Cydia, with no programming limitations, there will be no competition from the AppStore.
Note: The WiBlaze Lite HD Cydia tweak is only compatible with the iPad and does add an icon to your SpringBoard (homescreen).

WiBlazeLiteHD Cydia Tweak

If you are interested in the WiBlaze Lite HD tweak you can find it through the ModMyi repo for $0.99.

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