Saturday, 11 February 2012

Add Notification Center On Your Lockscreen With Bulletin (Jailbreak Tweak)

Every since iOS 5 came out, the Notification Center was the best integration iOS has seen in a long time. But there was a problem, you couldn’t view the Notification Center within the lockscreen. Now you can with this amazing Cydia tweak called Bulletin! It also has a few features for the original Notification Center as well.

Notification Center LockScreen

This is a tweak I think we all have been waiting for every since iOS 5 was jailbroken. But the only way to get the Notification Center on your lockscreen was with IntelliscreenX, and that’s a $10 Cydia tweak. Bulletin is by far going down in the books as one of the best Cydia tweaks out there for iOS 5. As soon as you get this tweak, you will be amazed. It runs fluently on your iDevice with no lag at all.

There are a few things that come with this tweak as well. When you go into settings to see all of the toggles, you’ll see some options for transparency. This means your Notification Center will be “see through” and it adds a very nice effect to your device. Another thing that this tweak allows you to do is close notifications as soon as they pop up. This is great because there is no real way to get notifications out of the way without having to wait 2-3 seconds for it to go away. With that option enable, all you do is tap the little “x” and the notification goes away.

These are pretty much all of the major incredible things that Bulletin can do! With this tweak being just $0.99 in Cydia, it’s completely  worth it! All you need to do is to jailbreak your iOS device.

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