Saturday, 11 February 2012

AT&T Introduces New LTE Mico-SIMs

We have received many different suggestions and rumors regarding the upcoming iPad 3 launch including Retina Display, LTE, and quad-core processor, however this may be another suggestion for LTE integration in the next generation iPad. AT&T has begun replacing the existing micro-SIMs with a new SIM card that is capable of connecting to its LTE network. In addition to the photo of the new micro-SIM card, a leaked memo from AT&T describes that they are to scrap and discard the old SIMs and use these new ones.

With the history of Apple and AT&T working together, this may seem to be a good hint that a partnership between Apple and AT&T may exist to offer customers LTE connection in the upcoming iPad 3. We have seen leaked information from iBoot showing LTE integration in the rumored iPad 3 or iPad 2S.

What do you think will be in the once a year unveiled third-generation iPad? Share with us your predictions in the comments below.

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