Saturday, 11 February 2012

Change Text And Hide Options On Lockscreen With SlideToMod (Jailbreak Tweak)

There are many tweaks out there that let you change your “Slide to unlock” text. They don’t have any other options and usually require some sort of restart action to apply the changes. But with SlideToMod, you can change your “Slide to unlock” text and much more and it applies immediately!

Not only do you get the option to put a custom slide to unlock text, you can also choose to have the current date or time displayed. There is also an option to have nothing there at all. There’s a few more things you can do with this tweak that you can’t do with others.

You can hide many things that are shown on your lockscreen.One of those is actually hiding the slider to get into your device. I wouldn’t advise the use of this without having another tweak installed or having an Activator event allowing you to get back into your device. Without that, you will be stuck with an expensive paper weight waiting for a restore if you don’t know much about the system files on these devices.
Alternatively, there are more options you can hide! If you’re on an iPad, you can hide the slide show button that is always on the screen beside the slider. This would be good if you don’t want friends or children seeing a slideshow of all your photos. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can hide the camera icon that pops up when you double tap the home button while on the lockscreen. This was a new feature introduced when iOS 5 was released. And lastly, you have the option to hide the music controls on your lockscreen as well!

This tweak has many functions and it’s even free in Cydia. Just search for “SlideToMod”. Of course you’ll need to be jailbroken to get this tweak.

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